About Mazekine

Jun 17, 2019 /
By Vladislav Ponomarev

About Mazekine - Illustration

From the very first step of new tech adoption, lots of people are thinking about their products to provide us with all that technical finesse. A lot less is thinking about us using it.

That's the main story about crypto wallets. Twenty-six digits and a moment full of concern: is it right number for the right person for the right wallet, or it is not. When you make even five transactions a day, it can break you in pieces. That's the point where Mazekine has been started.

It's a simple wish and the most straightforward choice ever: be sure or fulfilled with anxiety, get total info needed or recheck if you copied it from the right place to paste it in. That is Mazekine - pure and simple solution, API, that can be integrated with your wallet system, so you never again have any frustration making any operations with your crypto assets.