Mazekine 101 | Answers you should know

Do I need to sign a contract with you?

In a general case, agreeing with our Terms of Service is way more than enough.
If you need to provide a signed paper for your accountancy, drop us an e-mail at [email protected], and we will provide you with a template.

Vladislav Ponomarev
Do I need to ask the user’s consent to display his/her name in other wallets?

Being a GDPR compliant company, we require you to incorporate explicit agreement to pass the user’s first name and the first letter of his/her last name to Mazekine in your terms of use or your interface.
In case the user does not allow transferring such information, please provide “Undisclosed” as a first name.

Vladislav Ponomarev
Can I resell the data to other companies?

Unfortunately, at this time, you are not allowed to resell the data.
If you would like to become our integration partner, drop us an e-mail at [email protected]

Vladislav Ponomarev
How do I top up my balance?

Transfer bitcoins to the internal wallet address, which you can find on the dashboard.
If you choose to start with the purchase of a tariff package, we will advise you of the amount and bitcoin wallet address.

Vladislav Ponomarev
Is there any option to try Mazekine for free?

Yes, you will get 500 free transactions with registration.
For Mazekine to work further, you need to buy a package or ensure a positive balance on your account.

Vladislav Ponomarev
Do I have to verify the company to use the service?

Yes, to get access to advanced tariff plans with deeper discounts, we ask you to pass a simple due diligence procedure.

Vladislav Ponomarev
Do I need to verify myself to use the service?

Yes, you can use Mazekine without identification, unless you would like to enjoy discounts up to 7% for individuals and up to 40% for corporates.

Vladislav Ponomarev
Can I use the service for individual projects?

Yes, Mazekine is open for everyone.

Vladislav Ponomarev